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Valkyrie Rocket Used challenge glitch

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Valkyrie Rocket Used challenge glitch

Post by iMZ Whit3boy on Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:26 pm

Valkyrie Rocket Used challenge glitch

This is a glitch that will easily get you the challenge stated - (aswell as possibly RC-XD Used, i dont have the RC unlocked to try it)


Valkyrie Rockets unlocked


1) Get your 7 kill streak (6 with hardline)

2) Call in your valkyrie care package marker

3) When you equip the launcher press RT to shoot, but hold RT and it will blow up instantly. This will cause you to suicide however when you spawn you will have the Valkyrie launcher still so just hit right on the D-PAD and do it again, this time when you shoot because your launcher is glitched it will blow up instantly anyway. Everytime you spawn and hit Right on the D-PAD this counts as one valkyrie used.

I believe this works with the RC-XD too however i dont currently have it unlocked to try it.

Dont forget this is a multi level challenge so it can be maxed out pretty fast for some quick exp.

iMZ Whit3boy

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