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Kino Der Toten Story and easter eggs!!

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Kino Der Toten Story and easter eggs!!

Post by iMZ Whit3boy on Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:48 pm

Okay. The time of when playing on the map is N/A right now (Either the 60's or today's time.) . We know that Tank Dempsey, Nickoli Belolinski, Takeo, and Edward Richtofen are back....but old? They have time traveled. If you play Kino Der Toten on solo you can hear a radio transmission. The person talking is Richtofen and what has happened. Sam is still a mystery to him but to us she is the b**** who commands the teddy bear to take away the box :'(

Anyways some easter eggs can be found by looking for the Element 115 Rocks scattered in the map! There are 3 of them! 1 is right by the spwan next to the right side of the staires, 2 is in the electrical room (not where power is activated), 3 is is in the room next to the stage by speed cola! A song plays when you go up to them and press X on your controller. The song is called "115" by Selena Seigman.

Another Easter Egg is putting different video clips into the projector. You can find these clips after going to the pack-a-punch room sometimes when it takes u out u will go to a random room, now in those room u have to quickly look around the room to find video clips! once u find the clips u need to relink the teleporter and go back to the pack-a-punch room and go up to the projecter and it will tell u what to do and it will show the clip on the screen!!

Now the one thing that is making me love black ops is the campaign. Now why am I talking about the campaign of black ops on my Nazi Zombie topic? Because.

In the campaign there is a flash back of Rezonav (Yes from WaW's campaign.) of being on one last mission by the Russian military to find a Nazi named Steiner in a ship. In the ship contained a missile that was never launched. That missile is very deadly because it contains "Nova 6". Well anyways Steiner is still alive during the Nam war (Vietnam) and he is still working on it. He helps the Russians get at America. Cuba is just being used in this campaign. Nothing else.

So anyways in the beginning there is a message in white chalk saying "Watch out for the 6!" well. Now nova 6 is a possible lead to being a new chemical/substance to create a zombie in the game. ( i call them spider zombies lol but when u kill them the green smoke)!!

So that tells you most of what happened. By the way when you get on Zombies just watch the Televisions on the zombie theme of the start menu (Press Start, Click zombies, then look to the Television's.)

iMZ Whit3boy
iMZ Whit3boy

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Re: Kino Der Toten Story and easter eggs!!

Post by WHIT3BOY on Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:19 pm

this for 360 or what? which system you talkin bout

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kino story

Post by ziostorm on Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:00 pm

read this
you will have t copy and paste it.

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Re: Kino Der Toten Story and easter eggs!!

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