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Sony Confirms PS3 3D

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Sony Confirms PS3 3D

Post by ilivestreamhd on Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:08 pm

At its press conference on the eve of the IFA, Sony has confirmed that it plans to lead the commercialisation of 3D in the home in 2010.
Sony announced that it would introduce a 3D-compatible BRAVIA LCD TV in 2010. Incorporating frame sequential display and active shutter glass system, it’s propriety high frame rate technology will enable the reproduction of full high-definition 3D images and will form the centrepiece of Sony’s 3D entertainment experience.Of course when it comes to entertainment experience from Sony, our thoughts immediately turned to the PS3 and on that subject the Japanese electronics giant confirmed that it does intend to develop 3D compatibility into many more of its devices such as Blu-ray and PS3 games.
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