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Contest & Tournament Rules (Read Before Posting)

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Contest & Tournament Rules (Read Before Posting)

Post by xQuiiCkScOpeRx on Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:55 am

This Post is set up so people can have in game competition with each other.
So please dont post unlegit topics or spam posts.

The following things shouldnt be posted. And will be closed if staff see it:
-Don't post asking for youtube subs and then you will give away something because everyone will sub until they reach amount u asked for and if they didnt win they will simply unsub.
-Rep and gold give aways will only be permitted if authorised by staff.
-Rep,Thanks, And gold membership are to be earned or offered as an appreciation of good quality post or TM9 member.
-No selling accounts under any circumstances.

A good competition will invole time and effort to set up.
You can still give away a physical item but you must supply proof i.e. a picture of item with TM9 username clearly visible.

Thank You
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