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How To Mod Black Ops **Zombies JTAG**

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How To Mod Black Ops **Zombies JTAG**

Post by Spongy on Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:07 am

Credit To ModdingTutorials, Thats Where I Learned It Smile

1.Download The ISO HERE
2.Download This Modded XeX HERE
3.Download wx360 HERE

1.Open The CoD Black Ops ISO In wx360
2.Make A Folder Called "Black Ops Modded" On Your Desktop
3.Now Go Into wx360 And Press File->Extract All And Extract To That Folder
4.Once The Files Are In That Folder, Drag The modded.xex File Into The Folder
5.Put The Files On A USB Or Use A Transfer Cable To Put Them On Your HDD
6.Once On Your JTAGGED Xbox Run The modded.xex

Known Features For This .xex:
Like a Star @ heaven Unlimited Ammo
Like a Star @ heaven Unlimited Sprint


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Re: How To Mod Black Ops **Zombies JTAG**

Post by biasa199 on Sun Nov 07, 2010 11:32 am

This is teh shizzz.




There they go, packin’ stadiums
as Shady spits his flow,
nuts they go, macadamian they go so ballistic whoa,
we can make them look like bozo’s,
he’s wondering if he should spit this slow....
.....when I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place,
i’m hannibal lecter so just in case your thinking of saving face,
you aint gonna have no face to save by the time Im through with this place, So Drake...
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