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Black Ops Maps

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Black Ops Maps

Post by biasa199 on Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:03 pm

Map Description

‘Array’ is a map first revealed in Gamestop’s ‘Surprize Attack’ trailer. The map is another snowy map, most likely set in the Ural Mountains similar to ‘Summit’. The trailer gave us a great shot of the map from above, with a Russian Mi-24 ‘Hind’ helicopter firing down from above.

‘Array’ looks certain to be a great Domination or Capture the Flag map, with several snaking paths around the sides and several buildings through the middle. Other features of the map include a huge satellite dish that players can get onto, and even walk along the top edge, and also what seems to be a gigantic telecommunications tower that players may be able to get inside.

The communications equipment, and things such as military vehicles and cranes, lead us to believe that ‘Array’ is set upon a Russian military base, possibly still under construction. It is hard to provide in-depth strategies for this map based on the footage we’ve seen so far, but ‘Array’ looks to be a fairly close-quarters, yet large, map with few places to camp or hide out for extended periods of time. One thing for certain though is you can expect to see several different styles of gameplay on this map come release day! Finally, based on the aerial view of ‘Array’, it is possible to see that air support killstreaks will excel, as there are very few tight spaces, and there are at least three fairly large open areas where a Napalm or B-52 ‘Rolling Thunder’ airstike would be ideal.

Map Description

‘Cracked’ is a map located in Vietnam. The first impression that you will get from this map is that it is a dusty, derelict, and war-torn town, with very few of the buildings intact. If you dig beneath the surface however, you will find out that ‘Cracked’ is a map that will play to the strengths of almost every gameplay style. Long sight-lines will give snipers and LMGs great opportunities to pick off stragglers who are unable to find cover, but the tight and twisty alleys will be the perfect playground for surprise attacks by assault rifle and SMG users.

Other features of the map are multiple levels, and some structures being almost totally destroyed (allowing you to leap from building to building in some places!). ‘Cracked’ looks to be a great map for Domination, with flags A and C at either end, and flag B almost dead-centre, standing proudly on top of a small mound. Capture the Flag will also suit this map perfectly, with several different routes to take to get from one side to the other.

The factions that will be doing battle in ‘Cracked’ are Op40 and the NVA (North Vietnamese Army).

Map Description

‘Havana’ is a map set in, yep, you guessed it – Havana, the Capital of Cuba! This map has a lot of buildings that you can enter for extremely close-quarters combat if that is your wish. As it is most likely set in the centre of the city, there is sure to be a lot of useful cover, such as low walls, cars, and darkened shop windows for the more tactical gamer.

As in most maps, ‘Havana features multiple levels, which for now is confirmed as being at least two stories in some buildings, aiding tactical sniping. There is also a long stretch of road, littered with the shells of burnt out cars and a bus. Alleyways snaking around the map, behind shops and other buildings will encourage rushing, meaning the SMG classes may be a dominant force on this close map.

As with most of Black Ops’ maps, ‘Havana’ will promote several different styles of gameplay and the varying length of roads and back-alleys will allow for any type of gun to be used efficiently.

Map Description

Jungle is the first map to be revealed that is set in Vietnam. As the name suggests, it is set in a lush green Vietnamese jungle. It appears to be well lit from the copious amounts of sunlight pouring through the canopy. The map is probably best suited for snipers, as there are several different ‘perches’ and hiding spots on the high ground, looking down onto the lower levels of the map, including the lowest level featuring a riverbed. However, there are plenty of paths you can take to get around this map, giving rushers a great element of surprise against any unsuspecting snipers. It’s not just a bunch of trees and rocks featured in this map – ‘Jungle’ also showcases several different buildings and cover areas, ranging from small wooden shacks, to stone ruins, and even a temple. It is safe to say that ‘Jungle’ is tailored to fit every gamer’s needs, and complement everybody’s style!

‘Jungle’ allows every game mode to be played on it, including all four of the brand new Wager Match game modes. Mark Lamia, studio Head at Treyarch, has said that ‘Jungle’ was actually made specifically for the Wager Match game modes. This surely promises a wide variety of game play, meaning ‘Jungle’ will almost certainly become a fan-favourite.

Map Description

Launch was first spotted in the Multiplayer Teaser trailer, and is set on the grounds of a missile launch facility of some sort. There is a missile on the map that can be launched by a player, and when that happens, anyone beneath will be incinerated.

From what we have been able to see, Launch appears relatively open and we weren’t able to spot many high altitude locations for sniping. There are a lot of opportunities for close combat here. We can envision players of many playing styles being able to enjoy Launch, as it seems to be a great all-around map. There are areas with pretty long sight-lines for Sniping but not much verticality here.

Map Description

Radiation is a map set on the site of a power plant, presumably a nuclear power plant from the maps name.

More info and screenshots will be available soon.

Map description

Summit is the second of the two maps seen in the first Multiplayer Teaser trailer for COD: Black Ops. The map appears to be a military base situated at the top of a mountain. The environment is cold and snowy. From the trailer, it appears the map will be best suited for short to mid range combat, as fighting clearly takes place inside many of the base’s buildings. Based on the location and various objects seen in the map, it can be assumed the base is likely in the Ural Mountains in Russia.


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Re: Black Ops Maps

Post by TM9_Reporter on Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:27 am

Nice!!!!!! 2 more days until black ops!!!!!!

Very Happy

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