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how to change colors for color mods in mw2

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how to change colors for color mods in mw2

Post by mmmmm its twisted on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:17 pm

Okay to start your ganna wanna go to

1)Find the color you want!.....As an example, i will use Purple..the number for it is #BB00FF

2)Do you see the numbers on the left? For example mine say;







Okay so in the MW2 colors there are 4 compnents ( R, B , G, (A)lpha)

3)For MW2 your goimg to take the bottom three numbers! for me they are




4) You are now going to divide those numbers by 255

187/255 = 0.733333 <--You are going to use "0.7"

o/255 = 0 <-- You are going to use "0"

255/255 = 1 <--You are going to use "1"

5) Now for that 4th component!

the 4th component is "A" which stands for Alpha;

Okay so if you want your text transparent you can play around with alpha!

"1" will make it not transparent at all

"0.5" will make it half transparent

"0.2" you know the story lol

^^^Thnx Johhny for bringing this to my attention <3

6) Now lets gather our numbers! into a mw2 order like so,

("0.7 0 1 1")

7)Now lets attach it to a client Dvar so it can become infectable!

self setClientDvar("lowAmmoWarningNoAmmoColor1", "0.7 0 1 1");

If u need any Help Plse PM me

Some Credits to istaywikkid on ttg for Helping me with the DVAR

mmmmm its twisted

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